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June 2022

Why is Culture Important Now? by Chuck (Charlie) Mollor, CEO

By |2022-06-08T19:26:39-04:00June 1st, 2022|

Over the past two years our world has changed dramatically. The disruptions brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have changed the way we work and live. They have forced businesses to regroup and rethink their products and services, strategies and, most of all, how to keep employees engaged and productive. Dozens of studies, surveys and research since the beginning of the pandemic describe the seismic changes in the workplace. The shift to remote and hybrid working. Employees reexamining their priorities and taking a hard look at their work/life balance (a.k.a., the “Great Resignation,” or the “Great Reflection”). And millions [...]

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The Three “C’s” for Managing a Hybrid Workforce

By |2022-06-01T16:27:25-04:00June 1st, 2022|

Strong and purposeful communication is an important tool for managers and leaders alike.  The transition to a hybrid workforce has made thoughtful communication even more important.  When scheduling a team meeting or one-on-one think about the three C’s: Communication, Clarity, and Compassion.  Consider how much information you are sharing (frequency, volume, relevance to the audience), be sure to check in with your audience to make sure they understand what’s being said or asked of them and try to remember that more than ever our teams are tethered to their computers yet still have obligations at home to take care [...]

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May 2021

Coffee with Coaches – How to Stay Relevant

By |2021-06-26T11:15:59-04:00May 28th, 2021|

How to Stay Relevant with Chuck Mollor Chuck shares with Micheal Pacheco, Fractional CMO, Consultant, and Managing Partner at Boxer, a world-class marketing firm for coaches and consultants.

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April 2021

Executive Presence: What Will Others See and Hear

By |2021-04-05T18:08:37-04:00April 5th, 2021|

Executive Presence: What Will Others See and Hear Executive presence is the combination of being able to confidently command a room and interact with others, whether it be with one person, a team, or a broader audience. It’s the ability to stand and confidently lead a meeting, give a presentation or speech or have a successful interaction.  Certain people can develop this presence more easily than others, but ultimately, it’s a skill that can be learned. How you “come across” or present yourself and ideas, share information, ask questions, respond to challenges or attacks, develop people, work with teams, and [...]

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March 2021

Developing Effective Teams

By |2021-04-05T18:03:47-04:00March 30th, 2021|

Developing Effective Teams Great teams are the building blocks of any organization. They have shared goals, clear roles, transparent processes for solving problems and making decisions, and the ability to deal with conflicts constructively. A good team may have some of these elements, but a great team will have them all. There are three key dimensions of great teamwork. The first is alignment on direction. There should be a shared belief about what the company is striving toward and the team’s role in getting there. The second is high-quality interaction. The team should be characterized by trust, open communication, and [...]

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