The Agile Leader Executive Program > Experience

Highlights and Key Outcomes

In this nine-month-long immersive program, you and a cohort of nine other leaders from around the world will receive monthly group and one-on-one virtual executive coaching sessions to learn, develop, and implement agile leadership. You’ll emerge from this program with:

  • Deep understanding of what it means to be an agile leader
  • Heightened self-awareness and understanding of your self-perception versus how others perceive you
  • Recognition of your blind spots and awareness of how you respond to stress and pressure
  • Knowledge, skills, and practical tools to become the most effective agile leader
  • A sustainable roadmap for achieving a new level of leadership effectiveness
  • A network of top global leaders attending the program that you can maintain throughout your career and lifetime

Experience and Impact

The future of leadership is now. The Agile Leader Executive Program (ALP) is groundbreaking program designed to amplify the need to shift the leadership mindset and increase the capabilities of executives who aspire to lead their organizations through the massive, intensive changes ahead. ALP takes a multidimensional approach to learning, combining lectures, small/large group discussion, case studies, role playing, networking opportunities, and executive coaching to provide new insights and give participants opportunities to apply them. During this 9-month program you will:

  • Explore your innate attitudes and values that must shift towards an agile mindset aimed at experimentation, innovation, creativity, and flexibility
  • Accelerate your shift by exploring skillful communication, commitment, and collaboration by leaders at all levels
  • Deepen your understanding of organizational dynamics to improve the design and implementation of new initiatives and avoid destructive conflicts
  • Develop knowledge in core areas of thinking, interacting, and organizing based on current research and best practices
  • Develop a global network of peers and experts and fully develop a global mindset to use in decision making and innovation
  • Work with a global-leading executive coach in individual and group coaching sessions to hone your leadership skills and swiftly, successfully transfer them to the workplace
  • A faculty of experts from diverse business disciplines provides in-depth knowledge in core business areas including strategy, leadership, marketing, negotiations, organizational dynamics, and globalization. Class sessions capture the years of experience within the program. Teamwork provides opportunities for exploring the relationship between individual behavior and team dynamics. Social dynamics promote a spirited camaraderie that forges deep and lasting connections.

Session Topics

  • Know Your Leadership Style
  • What Does the Future of Leadership Look Like? How to Become an Agile Leader
  • The Leadership Shift
  • The Secret Sauce of Leadership
  • The ROI of Employee Engagement. Why it Matters, How to Effectively Execute
  • Know and Manage Your Triggers
  • Can You Ride the Wave?
  • Leadership Flux: How to Build a High Performing and Aligned Leadership Team
  • Creating Culture: How to Identify, Build, Sustain and Change your Culture
  • Purpose
  • Managing Change
  • How to Align Your Business and Talent Management Strategy: Talent Optimization

What You Receive

Our comprehensive, blended development approach will build the skills to be an Agile Leader and ensure you can put them into practice immediately. We’ll accomplish this through:

  • Monthly group sessions with faculty
  • Monthly personal executive coaching sessions with Chuck
  • A copy of Chuck’s best-selling book The Rise of the Agile Leader. Can You Make the Shift?
  • MCG Partner’s proprietary Agile Leader™ 360 Assessment and report, with an individual debrief and review with Chuck
  • The PI Behavioral Assessment™ and report, with an individual debrief and review with Chuck
  • An Agile Leadership Program workbook with readings and implementation exercises
  • An individually tailored leadership development plan
  • A Certification of Completion from the MCG Partners Leadership Institute